Event organizer and competitor for SoCal FGC. Always pushing for poverty and trying to build scenes for underrepresented games. See me in +R or Melty
Brett is a Northern California based event organizer.
Former arcade technician/manager/TO for FFA (Family Fun Arcade) and former host for West Toast. Currently the community organizer for legacy Guilty Gear games, but has been playing all sorts of fighting games since he first got his hands on Street Fighter II.
Coder at Amazon Game Studios. WNF Orange County UNI streamer. Basketball loli main in DFCI.『小学生は最高だぜ!』
DMac has beaten an Arc Revo qualifier at BBTAG because they said Popeyes was bad, held Shadow characters to timeout in Persona, and blocked a full series of Titanomachia mixup, but he probably won’t make it out of pools this year. He still thinks P4U was better than Under Night.
Hagure takes care of the website, @everyones the AnimEVO staff, & loves to play lame af. He goes to events to TO games, eat good food, & mix drinks. See him in Marvel 2/3, UNI, VSAV or TMNT:TF — first round of drinks is on the loser!
Kevin Baigan is mostly known for his accomplishments as a competitor in UMvC3 and TvC, but is also a community driver and works as a tournament organizer whenever he has the chance. While still representing Marvelous Customs, he provides the fighting game community with a source for stick mods/repairs in the company’s central hub in Northern California.
That guy you see at a tournaments who’s always hustling for Karaoke and Alcohol. He also does JP/EN translation and intepretation at events.
Osugure is a young, but ancient fighting game player. A decade of playing, and still seems to be bad at them. I guess the time didn’t really help him much.
Speedrunner, streamer, crossplayer, aspiring Puyo player. Stuck in idol hell.
Co-creator of AnimEVO and TO of Melty Blood and the Under Night series, Daryl is willing to play anything — poverty or mainstream. Raised by CvS2 and MvC2, the cheap stuff brings a smile to his face.
Back at it again at Anime Evo. Dojima has learned a lot from last year and strives to make they year even better!
The oldest living creature in the SNK community.
“Kumubou has ran a 1000 man bracket single handedly and lived.” “Kumubou made a CvS2 bracket run on time.” “Kumubou is not afraid to DQ people. Even if that’s Chris G, Justin Wong, and Yes, you too, Jim.”
Catherine enthusiast, commentator, and TO, living each day of his life aspiring to be a Gundam.
A Windjammers OG from the Cincinnati, OH scene with regular tournament seasons held at Arcade Legacy. Avid fan of Professional Gaming, Wrestling and Pizza with over a decades worth of live event experience
Hisui Lover. Former US Melty Evo god turned filthy casual. Occasionally streams tournaments. What is a Melty.
TO for Puyo Nexus and more. When’s PuzzlEVO?
Patiently explaining how Examu was already functionally defunct, and Team Arcana has been the operating development company since 2017, for the 100th time.
Only on staff bc he knows how works better than anybody else, which means he still has no clue what the site is doing 60% of the time
That one loud guy who plays obsucre anime games. Leading the DFCI RE Ignition charge. Filthy degen, Taiga Aisaka is my daughter.
Emotive hothead who has a strong passion for games and talking about games.
Nick AKA Hidden Gem is a degenerate YouTuber who occasionally makes content on the greatest fighting game of all time Fighting EX Layer