Sailor Moon S


  • Platform: SNES.
    • USB Decoders included for USB joysticks.
    • Due to no drivers having been written for them, users of PS4 Hori Fighting Edge and Victrix Pro FS joysticks will need to use alternative sticks.
    • Qanba Obsidian/Kaimana-modded joysticks are unusable unless you disable LEDs.
  • Entry: $5.
  • Pot Split: 65/20/10/5 (Subject to change).
  • Seeding: Yes (Region and Skill).
  • Registration: Online Pre-Reg & On-Site Reg, closing 30 min before start time.
  • Head TO: Missing Person (@JTMMissingPersn).
  • Stream: TBD.

Tournament Format

  • Double Elimination.
  • 2/3 Rounds per Game.
  • 2/3 Games per Set.
  • 3/5 Games for Losers, Winners & Grand Finals.

Tournament Rules

  • Default Settings.
  • Winner must keep character, Loser may switch.
  • 1P/2P Side is determined by RPS. Loser may switch side.
  • Uranus & Pluto infinites are legal.
  • Auto control scheme banned. Should a person accidentally enter ACS mode from the button check screen, the console must be reset.
  • Office stage banned prior to Top 4.
  • Charge glitch is allowed after game 1, round 1.
    • Players must return to main menu by resetting the console or hitting select to reset the charge glitch between tournament sets.