All AnimEVO events will be held during EVO 2016, which will be held between Friday, July 15 through Sunday July 17 in the Bring Your Own Console (BYOC) Area. EVO will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. To participate in any side tournament, an official EVO pass is required. Please remember that AnimEVO events are community run and are not official EVO events. As a result, schedule & location of the tournaments are subject to change. Please refer to the respective game’s Tournament Organizer for detailed and up-to-date information.

Thursday, July 14 (Day 0)

No events this day, but a lot of the AnimEVO staff will be in Las Vegas, planning tournaments and making brackets!

Friday, July 15 (Day 1)

Saturday, July 16 (Day 2)

Sunday, July 17 (Finals Day)

No Side Tournaments will be held on this day. Let’s watch and cheer on the competitors in the Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator tournament!