(2018) Granblue Fantasy


Unfortunately GBF (Raid Real Time Attacks) has been cancelled due to lack of entrants. A different event is being planned, more info here.


Assemble a team of six players and aim to finish the assigned raid as quickly as possible. Placing is determined by time to finish the raid. (Situations where teams don’t finish will be placed based on total damage done.)

  • Platform: Mobile
  • Entry: $5 per person
  • Pot Split: Top 3 teams (70/20/10)
  • Seeding: No (Waifu opinions are safe)
  • Registration: Online Pre-Reg with capped On-Site. Pre-Reg to guarantee a spot & seeding.
  • Head TOs: vibratingsheep (@vibratingsheep)
  • Stream: twitch.tv/vibratingsheep & twitch.tv/Hellabrett

Tournament Format

  • Teams of 6
  • 1 preliminary round, 2 Finals rounds

Tournament Rules

  • Entries will be in teams of six.
    • Teams may be formed with less than six players. Any empty slots will be filled by individual signups as possible. If you wish to keep slots empty, please contact the TO.
    • Individual signups are allowed as floaters. These floaters will be assigned to teams as possible.
  • The tournament will be two rounds total, timed.
    • All rounds will be against Ultimate Bahamut HL/Impossible
    • Due to this requirement, the minimum Rank to join is 130.
  • Your preliminary round time can be recorded at any time by reporting to an official tournament time keeper and performing the raid before Finals.
  • The teams with the top 4 times will advance to the Finals
  • The Finals will be two head to head rounds. The fastest time will be seeded against the 4th-fastest, and the second-fastest will be matched against the third-fastest. The winner of each round will face off one last time in the Finals.
  • Time will be counted from the moment that the raid start button is pressed by the host
  • Both browser and app versions of Granblue Fantasy are allowed, but you must use a smartphone and not a laptop or tablet PC.
  • No mods or outside tools (e.g. Viramate) are allowed.